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Point Grey /Sty Wet Tan PAC's presentation to the VSB trustees (budget process), March 8, 2006


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Extraordinary PAC meeting, Jan 4, 2006 (One Time Funding)


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November 2005  (Guest speakers: Ms. Letourneau re: Math, Ms. Inglis re: Grad awards)

October 2005 (Guest speaker: Ms. Inglis, on the teachers' job action)

September 2005

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Ten years after our school was given the Musqueam name, stəywəte:n, our school has a new sign bearing the full name: Point Grey Secondary: stəywəte:n


stəywəte:n 10th Anniversary and Sign Dedication


A congenial gathering of First Nations students, Musqueam and VSB representatives, staff, and parents enjoyed refreshments following a few brief speeches in the staffroom on Tuesday afternoon.  Speakers, including Ms. Faye Mitchell, Musqueam Education Coordinator, Mr. Ken Annandale, VSB Consultant (and, principal at Point Grey at the time of the original ceremony), and Mr. Randy Clark, Principal, spoke in appreciation of the motivation, effort and fundraising that resulted in the new sign that now properly and proudly displays Point Grey Secondary stəywəte:n School to the immediate and larger community.  Tuesday, May 20th, 2008 marked the 10th anniversary of the formal ceremony naming Point Grey Secondary stəywəte:n.  The Musqueam name stəywəte:n [StyWetTan] was given to Point Grey on May 20th, 1998 after the name was bestowed on the UBC First Nations House of Learning to form a connection between the secondary and post-secondary schools.   

The new sign with an energy efficient, low maintenance, electronic LED message board was installed at Point Grey stəywəte:n at the end of February on the corner of 37th Avenue and East Boulevard.  A gift to the school from the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), the sign is the result of input from Musqueam, PAC, and school representatives.   Mr. Clark noted the vast improvement in the ease of communication and the ability to safely change messages on the board.  Administrators and students no longer need to carry a ladder out to the corner, climb the ladder and hold up the heavy plastic panels then change letters in a message one at a time.   

PAC contributed  the new sign to address the need for presenting stəywəte:n to the school and general public as noted at a PAC meeting held at the Musqueam Band Office.  The new message board addressed convenience and safety concerns. The sign and message board also honours the Learning Initiative/Appreciative Inquiry goals of inclusion and improved communication while fitting the criteria of how PAC funds can be spent.