Point Grey / stəywəte:n PAC

Where Point Grey Parents Connect

Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
The staff room (room #201)
speakers to follow in the library at 7:30pm

April 17 Dr. Edward Zhang 

Mr Zhang will address the group in Mandarin

he will speak about extra-curricular activities that help prepare students for their university applications

May 15 - Annual General Meeting

Past Speakers/Events

Feb 20 -  University Preparation Night, Speaker Madison Guy from grantme.ca  Since graduating, Madison has started a program called GrantMe, which aims to help high-school and university students find funding towards their post-secondary education as well as navigate the admissions process. You can check out more on her website at https://www.grantme.ca 

Jan 16 - Speakers: Dr. Ezra Kwok (UBC) & Dr. Anthony Chan (BCIT)both highly respected senior Professors, will share beneficial “insider knowledge” about the transition from High School to University & the admissions process.  www.promerita.com/node/178 &  


Nov 21 - Speaker: Jessy Giammarino, Brain Boost Educationwill share with us her insight on how stress and anxiety can impact a student’s engagement with learning and strategies to manage it, helping your child get the most out of their education. brainboosteducation.com

A copy of the presentation given by Jessy: BB Stress and Anxiety Workshop for Point Grey PAC.pdf

Oct. 17 - Speaker: Options Solutions - Educational and Post-Secondary Admission Advisors will discuss what students & parents should know to increase their students’ chances of success in the challenging realm of the post-secondary school application process.  www.optionssolutionsed.com

Community Events 

Fentanyl Community Discussion Forum 

Nov 28th Britannia Secondary

Fentanyl Community Discussion Forum on Nov 28.final poster.pdf