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Grade 7 Parent Information

Grade 7 Parent Night Information
(Thank you to Esther Kwok for notes)

Q: When is the deadline for cross-boundary applications?
A: cross boundary students applications are due by March 1st. Attach a copy of the final grade 6 report card. Parents will be notified in writing of admission decisions by March 30th.

Q: Where can I get application forms?
A: in the offices of catchment schools and, of course, from the Point Grey office. In-catchment school applications can be submitted now. If students are in-catchment but coming from private schools, they will need to bring a copy of their birth certificate

Q:  Where is the grade 8 camp held? And, when will it be held?
A:  In a lodge near Princeton, BC, and it will be held in late September 2012

Q:  What criteria will be used to accept students into the school?
A:  Top priority goes to students within the catchment followed by students that have siblings attending the school already; then students within VSB but out of the catchment; then students from other lower mainland districts

Q:  Is there a Walkabout for the grade 7 students? When?
A:  The Grade 7 student walkabout is scheduled for May 9th from 12:45-2:45 pm.  Students outside of the catchment will need to inform Point Grey office of their attendance but they are very welcome.  Snacks will be provided.  Students within the catchment will be notified by their school and class teachers of this event.  Incoming Mini students are also invited to a Mini walkabout.

Q:  If I have any questions concerning the grade 8 program, who do I contact?
A:  Greg Mar, vice-principal, or the counsellor (I forgot her name)

Q:  When will I know if my application is accepted?
A:  By the end of March, you should have received news of your acceptance.