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Point Grey/Sty Wet Tan Secondary School Planning Council (SPC)


Meeting Minutes

26 March 2007, 3:50 – 5:10 PM


Attending:  Randy Clark (Chair), Saskia Vermeulen, Daniel Jun, Janice Grout, Scott Rose & Sharon Blair-Chow. 


Purpose of the SPC:

Randy Clark told those present that the agenda is open for input and that the members of the group have access to a variety of information in developing the scope of the School Plan.  Various aspects of the planning process were discussed. Teachers’ role in school planning will be raised at the April 20th Pro-D Day.  

(See also www.bced.gov.bc.ca/spc/.)


Learning Inquiry Process:

Focus area have been identified for discussion and future program development.  This follows from staff responses to the November student presentation.


School Fees:

Departments in the school are listing existing school fees and breaking down the fee structure into components for review under the new criteria of what is allowable.  VSB are preparing a report on School Fees by 30 March 2007, proposed changes to the School Act will be announced today.  The Point Grey Newsletter to be issued in May 2007 will contain a draft schedule of fees.  An updated version will appear in the August 2007 newsletter.


Mid-Year Exams:

Surveys across grades have been returned and are some to be tallied regarding the Feb. mid-term exam process and its impact on student stress.  


Track, http://www.pgtrack.com/


School Maintenance:

There is a VSB commitment that additional painting of the lockers and partial walls will be done this summer.  See the February minutes for additional information.


Other Issues:

VBS notified Point Grey that the two portables at the East Blvd. entrance will be removed next year.  This action will require a reduction in the number of student spaces that can be accommodated at the school in 2007/08.  


Next meeting will be 3:45 PM, 23 April 2007



Respectfully submitted, 27 March 2007, SB-C