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Point Grey Secondary Parent Advisory Council
PAC Meeting Minutes
September 18, 20127:30 pm (in the staff room)

In attendance: Esther Kwok, David Allman, Lisa Kilner, Maureen Bayless,  Irfan Sheikh, Karen Gertsman, Lin Chen, Eliza Wong, Connie Javier, Elaine Poon, Ken Liu, Emma Li and Nicole Guo. [Quorum is met.]
  • Welcome:  Meeting called to order at 7:40 pm by Esther. New and old families welcomed to the PAC

  • Introduction of Executive PAC members and Past Co-chairs:
Chair – Esther Kwok
Secretary – Lisa Kilner
Treasurer – Nancy Wang
DPAC rep – David Allman
Members At Large – Keren Gertman, Evelyn Guo, and Elizabeth Chang
Past Co-chairs – Maureen Bayless and James Joyce 

  • Nomination of New executive members:  Fan Chun and Mei Chong nominated as Member-at-Large in the PAC executive members (Maureen Bayless motioned; Keren Gertsman seconded)

  • Principal Report: Irfan noted that some blocks may have to be closed as the enrolment was down. Reasons cited for this were that investor class immigration has slowed due to newly imposed regulations, new immigrants are moving to suburbs in the lower mainland, and uncertainty due to recent job action has sent some students to enrol in private schools.  The school needs 19 more students to meet the staffing numbers currently in the school.  If not met, staffing numbers will be affected.

  • Chair’s Report: There will be a change to the format of most PAC meetings.  The first part of the meeting will cover administrative issues while the later portion will be an information session. Proposed topics are:  a math presentation, student stress management, scholarships, and student life in university/college. Guest speakers will be invited to provide these presentations. The elective teachers are speaking in October.

  • The Cultural Desserts Night: This night will be held on Tuesday, October 16th. The location of the event will be moved from the staff room to the cafeteria as to accommodate the anticipated numbers. Volunteers are needed to help setup and cleanup. These volunteers should arrive at 5:30. The coordinator for this event is Elizabeth Chang. The teacher's wish list will be introduced along with the Direct Drive Campaign. An example given was that if each family in the school were to give $100, more than $60,000 could be raised to help enrich the children's education. People are encouraged to spread the word about the event to get maximum participation. 

  • The Gift Card program has started and that the deadline for submissions is September 26th. Cheques are encouraged as to avoid service fees from credit card companies. 

  • The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm ( Lin Chen motioned; Elaine Poon seconded). Next meeting: October 16, 2012 in the cafeteria at 7:00 pm. A PAC social followed the official meeting in which many parents attended following the schoolwide Walkabout event.