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September 2011 minutes

Point Grey Secondary Parent Advisory Council

Minutes of the7 PM September 26, 2011 General Meeting

Present: Maureen Bayless, David Allman (taking minutes), Cynthia Devine (treasurer), Irfan Sheikh (principal), Sue Inglis (Teacher rep), Esther Kwok, Keren Gertsman and Jean Hummel (Members at large) and about 35  parents

1.      Welcome: Co-chair Maureen Bayless welcomed new and returning families. She introduced the executive:

Co-chairs: Maureen Bayless and James Joyce (who sent regrets)

Treasurer: Cynthia Devine

DPAC Rep: David Allman

Members at large: Jean Hummel, Esther Kwok, Keren Gertsman (fundraising) and Scott Rose (virtual)

Parents were invited to join the executive. In particular, the PAC is seeking a secretary for the PAC executive and three parents to sit on the school planning council.

Maureen explained that the Point Grey PAC exists to support every student and every program in the school in various ways, including through advocacy and fundraising.

2.      Student Report: Tessa Walsh and Max Stern. Tessa and Max described the student council’s efforts to raise school spirit and instil a sense of community by bringing students together. They are holding some fundraisers to support charitable causes. Clubs Day is next week. Students will be taken class by class to the gym, where they will be able to sign up for clubs such as the Global Issues club, Skeptics club, etc.

3.      Teacher Rep Report: Sue Inglis is an English teacher at Point Grey who represents the school’s teachers to the union, and liaises between the union and the school. She explained that currently, during the job action, teachers can’t collect fees. There is a possibility that some trips or events might be cancelled if fees continue not to be collected. She did not think that there would be a strike because teachers want to avoid that as they don’t get paid during strikes. Parents asked how they could help and she suggested that anyone interested should write the government, BCTF and BCSPEA to tell them that they want an agreement to be reached.

4.      Principal’s report: Irfan Sheikh introduced Greg Mar, a new vice principal at Point Grey.     Irfan noted that parents may have read in the news this week that Point Grey had the highest school fees in Vancouver. He observed that the fees described in the article included a Gr. 8 camp. Under BC law, schools cannot charge for items that are required for graduation, but can charge for enrichment or enhancement like camps. The issue of workbooks is one of the most sensitive. The VSB is sending an independent consultant to Point Grey and other schools to find out how the fees vary between schools.

Irfan presented the class size and composition report to the PAC: There are 46 classes with more than 3 special education students in them. There are 7 classes with more than 30 students. These numbers are low for a school of this size and the school is in good shape.

            Irfan reported that he has spent the money that the PAC committed to the school in June for technology.


5.      Chair’s Report: Maureen said that the PAC was sponsoring “Random Acts of Cookies/Cake/Fruit & Flowers” during the job action. Parents are invited to drop plates of cookies off in the staff room with friendly notes.  In order to keep the meeting from running too long, Maureen referred parents to the PAC’s website for the rest of the chair’s report. www.pointgreyparents.com This report included thank yous to Fran Alexander for creating the Point Lines, to Sue Inglis and Irfan Sheikh for guidance during the job action, and to Signe Chang in the office, for constant assistance.

6.      Committee Reports: Fundraising: Keren Gertsman described an idea she has for a new fundraiser: a Point Grey movie night at Oakridge Cinema. A second run movie would be shown and this could potentially raise thousands of dollars for the school without too much work. She circulated a sign-up sheet and invited interested parents to contact her: kgertsman@shaw.ca

Gift Cards: Maureen urged parents to support the PAC’s gift card program. It doesn’t cost anything to purchase gift cards that can be used instead of money for purchases we’d make anyway, but the school receives a percentage of the value of every card sold.

7.      The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM and many parents remained for the PAC social. Tea and treats were provided by the PAC executive.