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Minutes of the PAC's 2011 AGM

Point Grey Parent Advisory Committee

Annual General Meeting

June 14, 2011

7:15 PM

In attendance (signed in): James Joyce (chair); Cynthia Devine (treasurer); David Allman (DPAC rep); Irfan Sheikh (principal);  Annette Vey-Chilton (vice principal); Diana Sanderson; Esther Kwok; Christine Chen; Todd Xue; Keren Gertsman; Jean Hummel; Victor Wang; Maureen Bayless (taking minutes). Quorum was met.

1.       Welcome from the chair:  James Joyce greeted parents and welcomed them to the Annual General Meeting.

2.       Approval of Minutes of the 2010 Annual General Meeting: James noted that no formal minutes had been taken at the 2010 AGM because of the small size of the executive at that time, so only rough notes remained. Maureen Bayless  moved to accept that minutes didn’t exist. Seconded by Cynthia Devine.  (No vote was held.)

3.       Chair’s Report: James opened his report by thanking former principal Randy Clark for the support and guidance he provided the PAC before his retirement mid-year. He also thanked vice principal (and acting principal)Annette Vey-Chilton for her many hours of assistance. He thanked parent  Keren Gertsman for  her tireless  work on the wish list and the direct appeal and Cynthia Devine for her years of service as treasurer. Finally, he  thanked the new principal, Irfan Sheikh, for outstanding support in the time since his arrival.

James noted that even though the PAC executive was very small this year and faced a number of challenges, that it had managed to contribute significant funds to the school through the Wish List process. The PAC bought books, subscriptions, LCD monitors, computers and other items for the school.

4.       Treasurer’s Report: Cynthia Devine presented the Statement of Receipts, Expenditures and Equity as of May 31, 2011 (attached) and the Point Grey Secondary School Parent Advisory Committee Proposed Budget 2011-2012 (attached).

a.       Cynthia gave Irfan a cheque for $2,000 to cover some Mini School purchases from the gaming fund.

b.       She noted that a substantial portion of the funds in the Statement of Receipts, Expenditures and Equity had been committed but had not yet been paid out.  (For example, $14,000 for technology, and approximately $7,000 for student awards, teacher appreciation, the grad dance, etc.)  After paying for the PAC’s commitments, she expects almost nothing to be left in general funds, about $5,000 to be left in the gaming funds, and $9,800 to be left in the grocery account.

c.       Cynthia asked the principal whether he could make purchases as soon as possible. Irfan said he’d like to delay making some purchases until September because last year, some of the school’s new purchases were stolen over the summer.

d.      The 2011-2012 budget anticipates $20,000 of receipts through direct appeal and fundraising and Cynthia and other parents noted the need for the PAC to undertake organized fundraising efforts to meet that goal.

Discussion: Parents suggested determining the PAC’s budget goals by September so that fundraising efforts could directly address those goals. They also mentioned the need for a clear structure and timeline for the PAC’s budget process. As well, parents asked the PAC to coordinate with other parent groups in the school to prevent fundraising fatigue in parents who might be receiving appeals for funds from the Mini SCC, PGMSS and PAC at the same time.

Motion to approve the budget was made by Diana Sanderson. Seconded by Keren Gertsman. Carried.

5.       Report from the Principal: Irfan Sheikh said that Annette Vey-Chilton will be leaving her position as vice principal at Point Grey to become principal at Byng.  Greg Mar will be the new vice principal at Point Grey. Irfan said that he had personally requested Greg, who is a “tech guru” and has been VP at Gladstone, UHill and Killarney.

a.       Irfan said that the school is developing a technology plan that will integrate technology into the curriculum for learners who need extra support or enrichment. The school is purchasing iPads that can be used anywhere in the school. (Point Grey hopes to have wireless technology within 18 months.) The hope is to “leapfrog past the 2nd generation of technology (computers on desks in classrooms) and into the 21st century” where there is a mobile “Learning Commons” kind of structure.

b.      Grad will be on Thursday, June 16th at the Orpheum.

c.       Athletics is strong at Point Grey and the school won too many championships this year for him to list.

d.      Academics: Irfan said that 50% of students at Point Grey are on the honour roll, with averages of 80% or higher. Ninety-seven percent of students pass all their courses, but 3% of students are failing one or more courses.  Sadly, fifty percent of First Nations students in the district do not graduate;  Point Grey is trying to address their needs through the growth plan. Irfan said that the school must find a way to help failing students, but also should look at the 47% of students who are not on the honour roll but who are not failing. What can the school do to support and engage those students better? He wondered whether there were better ways to support ESL students. These are the kinds of concerns the school is addressing. He noted that the school has fallen in the Fraser Institute’s rating over the past few years and, while noting that the Fraser Institute’s assessment looks at only a few things, asked what Point Grey students need in order to perform better.  Can we leverage technology to support aboriginal learners, students with special needs, etc.?

e.      Irfan thanked James, Keren, and Cynthia and the student council president Tessa Walsh, for supporting the school growth plan. He observed that the school plan had a very tight timeline this year because of the change in administrators.


6.       Call for New PAC Positions to be Filled: James invited people to put their names forward for the 2011-2012 PAC.

This slate was elected unanimously:

PAC co-chairs James Joyce (continuing) and Maureen Bayless

Treasurer: Cynthia Devine (continuing)

DPAC Rep: David Allman (continuing)

Members at large: Jean Hummel, Esther Kwok, Keren Gertsman and Scott Rose (in absentia)

 Discussion: Parents will be invited to put their names forward for the vacant  positions (Secretary, Member at Large) in September. Some parents at the meeting expressed interest in helping the PAC and school to connect to the ESL parent community, even though they did not stand for election. Irfan will meet with them in June.

7.       The meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.