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PAC Meeting Minutes

October 16, 2012

7:00 pm (in the cafeteria)

In attendance: Esther Kwok, Keren Gertsman, Lisa Kilner, Elizabeth Chang,  Kim Miller, Susan Yang, Emma Li, Walter Zhu, Julie Zhao, karen Aiouch, Nicole Guo Mei Chong, Fan Chun, Nancy Wang, T. Krakov, Greg Anstruther, Victor Wang, Joe Hung, Paulona Ho, Hui Wang, Nicole Ferrie, Heather Krahn, Jin Tao Wu, Lin Chen, Shu Xizn Zhang. [Quorum is met.]

  • Welcome:  Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by Esther. September minutes passed. (Keren Gertsman motioned, Elizabeth Chang seconded.)
  • Introductions
    • Mini PAC Chair -- Farah Shroff was unable to attend as she was in the Ukraine.
    • PGMSS Chair -- Heather Krahn gave a brief presentation on the Point Grey Music Supporters Society. 
    • Jack Ferris (Student Council president) -- not in attendance. 
    • Sue Inglis (teacherís rep) -- introduced later in the evening. No report given. 
  • Student Placement & ELL district principal: )Irfan introduced William Wong who gave an introduction of the ELL program. The ELL program was developed when administrators felt strongly that someone with expertise structure how newer Canadians access, enrol, get transcripts verified and integrate into the school community. Many parents of ELL children have common questions regarding how they help to integrate their children into the mainstream school curriculum. William said it was his job to demystify the school system at both the high school and university level and to inform parents of how the school system works. He noted that there were 10 FAQs on their website that answer some of the more pertinent questions. As well, he mentioned that the students are encouraged to take ownership of their educational path.
  • The following Specialty Teachers were introduced: Brent Taylor (Band), Stacey Yip (Foods/P.E.), D. Long (Graphics/Art), Mr. M Ens (Music), and Mr Cheng (Computer Science) and Ms. Taylor Collishaw (Choir). The teachers noted that there was a continual decline in participation of extra-curricular activities due to a somewhat imbalanced focus on strictly academic success. A committee is to be formed to define how we can develop a sense of community at Point Grey. It was also noted that universities are recruiting more well-rounded individuals. 
  • Principal Report. Irfan noted that: 
    • PG did not lose any staffing
    • Clubs day drew a large attendance with over 40 clubs presenting
    • 8 singers from Point Grey were chosen by BC educators to sing in the BCMA choir
    • PG representative sent to Me-To-We Day
    • William Wong spoke to the students about becoming balanced individuals.
    • New PG twitter account @PointGreySS
    • CPD days will focus on 1) how we can use technology to enhance education 2) improving literacy in late arriving ELL learners as well as helping other groups such as skills groups and learning challenged individuals succeed 3) enhancing social leadership through social justice as well as a bigger conversations about school philosophy and how community is being established. 
  •  Esther spoke about the Teachersí Wish List, Direct Drive Campaign and the Wishing Well. If each family could give 100 dollars, that could make a huge difference to the school by helping to fulfill the teachersí wish list. 
  • There were updates on the PG Website, Bean Brothers (5 percent discount and 5 percent PAC donation per most purchases) and Gift Cards. 
  • The winter concert is scheduled for Dec 4-7th. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm ( Mei Chong motioned; Keren Gertsman seconded). 

Next meeting: January 15, 2012 in the Staff Room at 7:30 pm

A PAC Desserts Night followed the official meeting in which many parents attended.