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October 2011 minutes

Point Grey Secondary Parent Advisory Council

Minutes of the 7 PM October 18 General  Meeting

Present: Maureen Bayless (chair), Cynthia Devine (treasurer), Jean Hummel (Member at Large), Irfan Sheikh (principal), Evelyn Guo (taking minutes), and more than 20 parents/guardians

1.       Welcome: Maureen Bayless greeted parents and guardians.

2.       Report from Student Council: Tessa Walsh said that Clubs Day had been very successful. Clubs are important because they get students involved in more than academics. Student council encouraged the chairs of similar clubs to merge their memberships. There were 28 clubs in 4 categories: Arts, social interest, fundraising and competitive.

·         Gr. 8 student council elections are coming up. 16 students are running, more than usual.

·         Halloween will be celebrated by Halloweek. There will be school-wide decorations, a pumpkin carving contest, pie-eating contest, face painting, etc. The Halloweek committee members will all wear themed costumes.

·         Student council has a refurbished council board outside the office where everyone can check out their activities.

·         Student council is collecting for 4 charities: Covenant House, Cancer Society, BC SPCA and Children’s Hospital.


3.       Report from the Principal: Irfan Sheikh said that student life is increasing. Clubs Day was a big success under the Ms. Szeto’s leadership. Grade 8 camp came back energized. Thank you to Brenda Reeves, the organizing teacher. There was a great connection with Australian exchange students who visited for a week. Point Grey now has a sister school in Yokohoma Japan: Minami High School. Photo Day photos and Go cards will be distributed soon. School fees are still an issue because of the job action, but students will not be out of reach of needed learning materials. On November 4 there will be an earthquake drill. On October 26th there will be a planning meeting with multicultural workers for a Chinese parents meeting. The learning conditions at Point Grey will be supervised by an officer from the VSB. Interim reports are due Nov 8 and report cards should be issued on Dec. 1st but if there is a job action they will not be given. Parents can contact the teachers for progress reports any time. Phone the school or email the teacher: first initial last name@vsb.bc.ca . The school would like to have a $20,000 mobile lab with iPads and the principal will look for corporate funding.

4.       Chair’s report: Maureen Bayless said that the PAC has a newsletter on the website at www.pointgreyparents.com . She explained that the PAC would like to pass two financial motions at this meeting. One would support the Dec. 1st movie fundraiser. The other would be to pay for field trips that would be cancelled due to the job action. She also introduced the visitor from SACY (School Age Children and Youth Substance Prevention): Andrea Arnot.

·         Evelyn Guo was elected Secretary of the Point Grey PAC.

5.       Movie Fundraiser: Diana Sanderson explained the Point Grey Movie Night fundraiser. It will be on Dec. 1 at Oakridge Cinemas. Funds raised will be used to buy items from the Teachers’ Wish List. The movie will be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Diana made a motion: “to allow the fundraising committee to spend $1200 related to the Point Grey Movie Night Fundraiser taking place Dec. 1, 2011.” Shereen seconded. Carried.

6.       Field Trip money: Maureen explained that some field trips could be cancelled because fees could not be collected during the job action. A few teachers paid for the field trips in advance with their own money and could not collect fees. She asked the PAC to pay for the trips if necessary. At first it looked like there would be many trips needing money but it appears that only one field trip needs funds: $195. She suggested this motion: “That the PAC pay for or lend money for field trips and guest speakers that might otherwise be cancelled due to the job action.” The motion was made by Maggie. Seconded Kelley.  Carried.

7.       SACY: Andrea Arnot is the parent engagement worker for SACY. She works to help parents with questions about drugs, alcohol, student anxiety, internet use, etc.  She can offer some workshops on different topics. They will be free and probably after Christmas.  Parents can ask her questions anytime at: andrea.arnot@vch.ca or 778.808.5558

8.       Meeting adjourned at 8:20