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PAC Meeting Minutes, January 22nd, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.

In Attendance: Esther Kwok, Keren Gertsman, Lisa Kilner, Elizabeth Chang, Mei Chong, Meihua Tang, Annie Zhang, Lucy Zhang, Emma Li, Shirley Huang, Lisa Noertjojo, Jenny Chuan, Sally Feng, Wei-Chou Hung, Mayumi Higuchi, Tracy Yuen,Karen Aiouch, Xiahua Zhu, Liz Yang, Liu Yan, Amy Liu, Fan Chun (Quorum is met)

Welcome: Esther called meeting to order and welcomed parents. 

Minutes passed: The November minutes were passed: Mei Chong motioned, Elizabeth Chang seconded.

Principal's report: Irfan thanked everyone for attending and talked about some of the accomplishments of the children. At an upcoming ceremony, Point Grey recipient Rachel Hammerson will be awarded the Governor General's bronze medal. Rachel is a scholar in both fine arts and academics with an overall average about 90 percent. She chose to pursue her passion and is attendingthe musical theatre program at York University. Irfan noted that there is a push at Point Grey secondary for students to maintain balance in their life and to become well-rounded individuals. Everyone can maintain an academic balance yet still have a passion for something. Irfan noted that 59% of the school population was achieving a grade of 80% or better. The goal is to help those that are not doing as well to realize their capabilities. 

Irfan noted some of the staff development activities that were taken on by the teachers during the Pro-D day:
  • science teacher made a trip to the planetarium for upcoming studies
  • math teacher attended math conference
  • counsellor attendant an ASSIST conference about suicide intervention 
  • special education teachers attended a special education conference 
  • some teachers attended an ESL workshop 
  • teachers attended a conference for gifted learners 
Next year, Mr. Mar and Ms. Hughes will attempt to inject new energy in to the school as their is declining enrolment. Parents can help out by talking up the school and some of the new programs that are to be introduced. A few new courses will be introduced next year: Commercial Foods will introduce catering experience, Junior Theatre Company in grades 8,9 and 10, 3rd level of ESL in between transitional and level 2 will be introduced, a Leadership class will be introduced, Theatre Criticism (off timetable), Social Justice 12. The goal is to develop educated citizens.

Teacher's Report: Sue had nothing to report. 

Evelyn reported that the Chinese luncheon was a success. 

Miscellaneous - It was noted that Google translate could be used as a translation tool between teachers and parents. The gaming funds' form was introduced. Teacher's can fill out the form and submit it to the PAC for approval. It is the PAC's goal to allocate all of the direct donation's monies to the teacher's wish list by year end.

Coffee House: A coffee house meeting is scheduled for February in an attempt to allow parents time to connect monthly. The next meeting will be held in the career centre -- room 218. Please bring a snack and connect with other Point Grey parents. 

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Following the meeting, William and Anne Wong gave a presentation about common questions that new immigrant parents have
about the BC school system.