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Holiday Gift Card orders!

Make Shopping for Christmas & Chanukah a Breeze


Parent Name (please print):_______________________________


Phone #:___________________Email:_____________________

Name of Student:____________________Grade:_____________

One time order for December ! Remember – no expiry dates on these!!


STORE/CARD                       NUMBER OF CARDS              TOTAL/STORE

Options Card

(Gap,Old Navy,Banana Republic)________@$25.00            $________

The Bay                                 ________@$25.00            $________

The Future Shop                     ________@$25.00            $________

Cactus Club                            ________@$25.00            $________

Earl’s                                     ________@$25.00            $________

The Keg                                 ________@$25.00            $________

White Spot                             ________@$25.00            $________

Spa Utopia                             ________@$50.00            $________

Winners                                 ________@$25.00            $________

Chapters                                ________@$25.00            $________

TOTAL ORDER                                                               $_______

Cheque/ enclosed $_______Visa/Mastercard#:_______________________

Payable to “Point Grey Secondary School PAC      Expiry Date:__________

Hand in to the office by Monday, November 30th.

Gift Cards can be picked up at the school office by Tuesday, December 8th.

Contact Liz Cullen 604-788-9592 for any more information about the Gift Card Program.

To download this form in Chinese for printing, click here.

To download this order form in English for printing, click here.

Don't forget our regular gift card program (Safeway, T&T, etc). Just click here for those order forms.

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