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Dec 5 2011 Minutes

Point Grey Secondary PAC

Extraordinary PAC meeting – 7 PM December 5, 2011


(In attendance: Maureen Bayless as chair, Evelyn Guo taking minutes, James Joyce, Cynthia Devine, Keren Gertsman, Esther Kwok, Jean Hummel, Diana Sanderson, Liz Cullen, Xiaohua Zhu, Grace Kuo, Eliza Wong, and Ken Liu – Quorum is met.)

1.      The wish list was approved as is, with the addition of a note that the PE department will either receive funds for one ping pong table, or will receive two donated tables. (See attached, below.)

2.      The executive recommended that next year, the PAC consider giving some gaming grant money to each department for field trips or guest speakers, rather than purchasing items off the wish list that happen to qualify. This would potentially affect the Mini school and Music departments the most because they currently are guaranteed $2000 and $6000 respectively.

3.      Meeting adjourned at 7: 30 PM.

Point Grey Secondary PAC Extraordinary Meeting Dec. 5 2011


·         Fundraised money (unrestricted funds): Anything on the Teachers’ wish list

·         Gaming Grant funds: This money is to be used at parents’ discretion for student enrichment and extra-curricular activities. Purchases do not have to be from the wish list.

Gaming Grant Funds: approx $26,000

Fundraised/Donated Funds: $4,400

Rules: PAC funding is intended to benefit students by enhancing their extra-curricular opportunities. Gaming funds may be used to pay for goods and services used by students for, or primarily for, extra‑curricular activities. Gaming funds may not be used to pay for goods or services used primarily by teachers to deliver curriculum or by students to complete curriculum requirements. Materials that are not required in the teaching or completion of curriculum, but which assist in doing so, such as smart boards and other ‘enhanced educational’ items, are not eligible for PAC funding.


Eligible uses of gaming funds to support student EXTRA-curricular activities include the following:

·         student publications: newsletters, yearbooks

·         student competitions: writing, debating, chess, music

·         student computers (eg. Clubs): software, hardware, accessories

·         student societies: drama club, student society

·         student ceremonies: graduation, dry grad

·         student conferences or educational field trips within BC

·         uniforms and equipment for extracurricular activities

·         sports or playground equipment

·         awards and trophies

·         scholarships and bursaries for post secondary education paid directly to the student recipient

·         capital acquisitions directly benefiting students, such as playground equipment

·         student transportation and travel within BC

·         with prior Branch approval, student transportation and travel outside BC, where the student group:

o   is representing its school as a result of merit achieved through organized competition,

o   is competing in a sport that involves cross border travel,

Cannot be used for: modifications of the school building (eg. Installation of projectors even if the projector is for student use), anything for class work or completion of class work (classroom computers or computers in a lab booked by teachers for classes, audio books for students with learning disabilities, math manipulatives, calculators, text books, microscopes, badminton nets if they are for PE class rather than after school use, band instruments for band class, tools or sound equipment for Drama classes )

No Rules

The Point Grey PAC executive recommends these purchases:


 Gaming Grant purchases (restricted funds):

Fine Arts: Music/Performing Arts/Visual Arts (qualifying items from wish list)                                $6,000

Mini School: (Trip within BC)                                                                                                       $2,000

Student Requests:                                                                                                                       $2,350

Dominoes Club: ($100 - sets of dominoes)                                                                                                           

Games Club: ($250 - 2 card tables)

Audio-Visual Club: ($1500 - computer for recording students’ music)

Student Council: ($500 printer for Student Council meetings and clubs)


Whole School: (iPads & laptop on cart for student use)                                                                       $12,500


Departments:                                                                                                                                       $2,444 

Library: ($1500 for magazine subscriptions & DVDs, to be increased if there is extra)       

LifeSkills: ($144 movie field trip)

PE: ($800 ping pong table for leisure use, or 2 donated tables (TBD)

Total recommended Gaming grant purchases                                                                                    $25,294


Unrestricted funds (fundraising):                                                                                                           $4,400

English: ( $1550 - projector or document camera & laptop (set))                                                                

Math:  ($2300 - projector and tablet or document camera (set))                                                                               

South-facing classrooms: ($350 – Fans)                                                                 

Learning Support: ($100 –to complete the National Geographic Reading Expeditions set)

Skills: ($100 – audio books)


Plus directed donations from individual parents (Not subject to a vote):                                               $2,100

Drama:  (anticipated $1,000 unrestricted donation)

French – ($300 - visiting chanteur for all students in auditorium)

Creative Writing: ($200 – guest author)

Film Studies: ($150 – DVDs)

AP Psychology ($275 – AP resources)

ESL: ($175 - good computer speakers, A. Kefalas classroom)

Total unrestricted purchases:                                                                                                                    $6,500

Total Gaming & Unrestricted recommendations:                                                                             $31,794

PAC letter to teachers after the meeting

Dear Point Grey Teachers,
This evening, the PAC voted to purchase $31,794  in items and resources for the school. That sounds like a lot, but we barely made a dent in the wish list and some very deserving departments did not get anything. If that has happened to you, please don't feel abandoned. We are starting some new fundraisers and we hope to be able to make more purchases soon. We will not forget you.
Just over $25,000 of our money came from gaming grants, which are very restricted in their use. They can only be used for extra-curricular enrichment, field trips and clubs, etc -- not for classroom use.  Since the gaming grant program began, the PAC's tradition has been to give $6,000 in gaming funds to the Music/Fine Arts program and $2000 to the Mini, and we did that. We also prioritized student club requests, as these fit best with the intention of the funds. We directed the remaining funds to the library and to a cart of iPads that could be used by students anywhere in the school, a ping pong table and a field trip for the Life Skills class.
Fortunately, we are allowed to spend the money we've fundraised on anything we wish. With the $4400 we have earned from gift card sales, movie night and a direct appeal, we prioritized requests that came from heads of departments, taking into consideration the purchases we've recently made, whether the department had another way to get the item, and whether we could afford it. We did not want to buy half a projector-and-laptop set, for example. The decisions were very hard and if you didn't receive money from this budget it was only because we had too little. We also provided money for fans because we were alarmed at the stories of kids and teachers fainting in south-facing classrooms.
Finally, two parents donated a total of $2100 in the past couple of days. Those funds were directed to specific departments or classes. At this time, I cannot give you the names of the donors, but we are extremely grateful to them for thinking of the school.
Please check the attached list to see if your department is receiving funds. If you don't receive the attachment, please send me an email: mbayless@shaw.ca The first page explains the gaming grant rules (very important if you are receiving gaming grant funds) and the second page lists the items we voted for.
Again, I can't emphasize how challenging this decision-making process was. We tried to consult all the teachers through SurveyMonkey and email and then weigh requests carefully. I met with Greg Mar to discuss the school's technology plans. He also told me that the school might be able to help with some of the items on the wish list, and we considered that information carefully. Several members of the executive met last night for an extended discussion of the list. Our recommendations were approved at tonight's extraordinary PAC meeting.
In addition to continuing our fundraising, we are actively trying to find items for your classrooms in a more direct way. For example, at tonight's meeting one parent offered to donate a brand new printer, another may be able to give two high-quality ping-pong tables, and we may also be able to obtain a television or two. If you would like something that parents might have at home, please let me know and I'll add the item to our online "things teachers need" list.
Again, I can't tell you how sorry we all are that we can't buy everything on your wish list. We will keep working at it.
And, finally, a heads' up for next year. Rather than purchasing things on the wish list that just by chance qualifiy for gaming grant funds and also guaranteeing $6000 to Music and $2000 to Mini, we may opt to give every department some funds for enrichment like field trips or guest speakers, that departments could spend at their own discretion (provided that they meet the grant rules). This will depend on any changes that might be made to the gaming grant rules, but I thought I'd let you know in advance.
With best wishes,
Maureen Bayless, PAC co-chair