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First PAC meeting

Posted by pgparents on September 28, 2011 at 1:30 AM

We had our first PAC meeting of the year and it was a significant one. I'll post the minutes later, but for now I'll just say that Sue Inglis (teacher rep) gave an extremely helpful, in-depth glimpse into the job action, its purpose and its effects on the school. Two student council representatives (Tessa and Max) cheered parents by describing all the things that students are up to, such as Club's Day. And Irfan Sheikh, the principal, gave a detailed picture of the decision-making around class composition, the issue of school fees, and more.

Keren introduced the idea she's come up with for a new fundraiser: a movie night at Oakridge.This was very well received and several people came forward to help.

Because of all the material covered by the other speakers, I did not give my Chair's report. In case you're interested, here it is in rough note form:

Chair’s Report

-Our PAC website has been updated and has a blog. The blog seems like the best place to put opinions, while the website carries archived minutes, gift card forms, and information about upcoming events. www.pointgreyparents.com

-A huge thank you to Fran Alexander for making the Point Lines. This took her umpteenhours. Point Lines are student phone books and you can buy one from the PAC for $3.

-On September 16, I made a presentation to the Gaming Review on behalf of our PAC. I asked the Gaming Review to consider allowing PACs morediscretion in the way that we spend the gaming grant funds, so that they can better reflect our students’ needs and interests. You can read the presentationon our website, and I think that it will also be posted on the Gaming Review’swebsite along with all the other presentations.

-Next month, we’ll elect 3 parents to the School PlanningCouncil.  If you’d like to stand for election to theSPC, please let me know or contact Irfan.  Your main qualification should be that you care about all the kids in the school, particularly those who need extra support.

-The job action has been somewhat challenging because as parents,we want to rush in and help with fee collection and so on. Many of us offered to collect money because we didn’t understand that teachers couldn’t accept our help. Sue and Irfan were extremely helpful in helping the PAC understand what was going on and what we could do. Without a good flow of honest information parents couldn’t be involved in a meaningful way, so we appreciate their help.  In the office, Signe and Janet helped us with some logistical issues like Synrevoice and snail mail.

-One thing that we have learned from past job actions and the last strike is that a community is easily divided at times like this even though the job action is a province-wide action. So, the best thing that we can do is to be as supportive  and understanding of our teachers, staff and administrators as we can be, so that our community comes through this as close asever. Our PAC executive is sponsoring Random Acts of Cookies: where parents leave plates of cookies with a friendly note in the staff room. If you think you could drop off some baking or perhaps a fruit plate or some flowers from your garden,  just goahead and do it.  You can’t have too many cookies during a time of stress!  Itwould be great if you could email me so that I can keep track. And, please note whether there are nuts or peanuts in your baking.

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