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January 2007 PAC minutes

Point Grey / Sty Wet Tan Secondary School

PAC Meeting – January 23, 2007


Barbara Corbin, PAC Chairperson calls meeting to begin, at 7:20 pm, in the staff room. 

Present: Principal Randy Clark     Executive members: Barbara Corbin, Sharon Blair-Chow,

Fanny King, Janis Esau, Davina Fu


1.  Approval of minutes from November 23, 2006:

-     Motioned by Janis Esau.  2nd by Sharon Blair-Chow. All in favour.  Motion Carried.


2.  Student Council – Amarpal Cheema

-    $1,000 raised by the Student Council will go towards a new projector, video system, and to finish the wireless sound system. 

-    A fundraising concert is being planned featuring musician Jim Byrnes.  A similar concert held 5 years ago was very successful for fundraising.  It was supported by the Mini School and the PGMSS.  Parents volunteer to help with tickets.  Student Council will e-mail details to Barbara.  The goal is to fundraise between $3,000 to $8,000; a portion will go towards charity.  

-    Valentine’s Dance on Tues. Feb. 13. 

-    To encourage more global awareness, University Hill students are hosting another fundraising dance for students from University Hill, Point Grey, and Prince of Wales.  This off site event is subject to approval from Mr. Clark. Proceeds will go to a charity for educational supplies in Ethiopia and Peru.

-   Battle of the Bands winner will play at the last dance of the school year.

-    Food Bank Can Food Drive was very successful.  Point Grey raised $20,000.         

-   Another Pep Rally is planned at the beginning of the Girls Soccer Team Tournament in third term.


3.   Staff Liaison to PAC – Jean Michelson, School Counselor

-     Update on students’ contribution to Covenant House as well as students sewing group making and donating fleece gloves and clothing items.

-     Guest speaker option:  one-hour free sessions presented by teachers from BCTF.  Highly recommended topics includes: “Raising Confident Boys” , “Supporting Your Child’s Learning”; “Born to Buy”.  Maureen Bayless volunteers to contact BCTF to book a presentation.

-    BCTF website   www.bctf.ca/parents has helpful information for parents.

-    Course Planning Night for parents of Grades 8 – 11 students, on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 7:00 pm., parents meet in classrooms with counselors.  Course options, graduation requirements and post-secondary admission requirements will be discussed.  Questions are welcome. 

-    Janis Esau asks Jean regarding any items teachers may need for class use that can be donated from the parents’ community?  Sue Inglis will check the needs of the staff, especially props and costumes for Drama classes or English classes.


4.    Teachers’ Union Representative – Sue Inglis

-    A big “Thank You” from Special Education Department and thanks to Maureen Bayless & Point Grey parents for their support and writing letters regarding the shortage of SSA (student support assistant) staff for the LA Life Skills (special needs) classes.   The work addressing the communication issue is ongoing.  Having parents support to promote awareness of the SSA allocation shortfall made a big difference.  Point Grey now has its full SSA allocation as of mid-January.  An email letter on behalf of  PAC will be sent thanking the Board of Trustees for their favourable decision regarding SEA/SSA funding.


5.   Report from the Administration – Randy Clark

-     Ministry of Education changed the rules regarding Grade 12 Provincial Examinations.  In order to receive the BC Dogwood Diploma, Grade 12 students only need to write one Provincial Exam for English 12 or Communication 12.   If students are successful in their other courses, the marks from their teachers will be their final marks on the transcript.  However, in order for students to apply to post-secondary institutions in B.C., students are still required to write other Grade 12 Provincial Examinations.

-     Across Canada, except Alberta, other Provincial Exams are optional.  For example, McGill will accept the mark of  95% in History 12 without a Provincial Exam mark. If students’ mark drops to 90% after writing the Provincial Exam, the mark of 90% will be sent to McGill.  It is recommended that students applying to universities to have a back-up plan.  Always check the institution’s requirements. (Alberta’s policy regarding Provincial Exams requirements has not been clarified.) 

-   Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships:  The 5,000 students who have the best results on three Grade 12 Graduation Program examinations are awarded $1,000 each.  The top 20 students are awarded $2,500 each.  Eligible students must meet graduation requirements and must earn at least a 'B' (73% - 85%) in a required Grade 12 language arts course in French or English.  More information is available at http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/policy/policies/graduation_program_2004.htm.

 -    School Fees:  Meeting on Wed, January 31, 2007 at John Oliver Secondary School at 7:00 pm., where VSB District Management, DPAC and representative from the law firm, Harris & Company, will comment on legal aspect on the ruling on school fees in Victoria.  According to the ruling, schools cannot charge school fees if the cost relates directly to the learning outcome towards graduation.

-    Parents Teachers Conference last week went very well, with positive feedback. 

-    Jan 24, 7 pm, Grade 7 Parents Night in auditorium and Mini School parents meet in library round table discussion on what works well and how to improve the school system. 

-    Block Rotation on Thursday, February 1:  Day 1 Blocks BADC;    Day 2 Blocks FEHG

-    Mid-Year Exam Schedule is displayed on the school website.  This is the result of the SPC survey of students last year and the AI Summit, which suggested ways to reduce stress during exams.  Four days of exams are scheduled on February 15, 16, 20 and 21. Tutorial sessions are available. No classes, but Grades 8, 9, 10 Assemblies will be scheduled.   Life Skills classes are in session. This new approach of scheduled exams will be evaluated after the exams. 

-    SPC Monday, January 29, 2007 at 3:45 pm.

-    Ministry of Education will make a statement regarding Portfolio next week. 

-    Feb. 19, Monday is a Pro D Day, no classes are scheduled.  


6.    Budget Approval – Fanny King

-     Uncommitted funds will go towards “Wish List” from each department at school. 

-     Barbara Corbin motions to accept the budget, Sharon Blair-Chow seconded.  All in favour.   Motion carried.


7.    School Fees – Sharon Blair-Chow

-     Comments on School Fee Survey by Vancouver District PAC at http://www.vsb.bc.ca/parentsfamilies/DPAC/Bulletins.htm 

-      Survey gives DPAC some idea what position they will represent for parents to School Board and Ministry of Education.  How do parents feel about school fees issues on a personal level and on a community level?

-     Information meeting for parents by DPAC & VSB Management Team on Jan. 31. 

-     Important to have parents’ input on what do parents want for their child in school?


8.    Interim Election to School Planning Council  (Nov/06 minutes, item 10.)

-    Janice Grout, a Grade 8 parent, is nominated to assume the position held by Barbara Corbin on the SPC.  Ballots collected were unanimous.  Sharon Blair-Chow and Grace Wusche are still on the SPC.

Grace’s term on SPC is fulfilled and a formal election is required. A formal notice will be forthcoming.  Please consider nominating suitable candidates for a one year term. 

-    SPC is re-defining how to carry out its mandate without teachers directly participating as directed by the union.  Principal conveys messages between teachers and SPC.  SPC reports back to PAC. See http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/spc/ . 

9.    Other Business


A.  Electronic Signage – Janis Esau

-  Uncommitted funds from PAC will go towards installing a new electronic signage to improve communications and announcements between the school, parents, and the community.  Electric conduit is already in place at the location of the sign.  Preliminary estimate cost is $20,000, but still needs confirmation. 


-   The sign will include “Sty Wet Tan” lettering.  Randy Clark will call the Musqueum office to confirm spelling format.


-    Randy Clark will ask parents & staff to form a committee, including members from Musqueum First Nation community.    Fanny King & Sharon Blair-Chow volunteer to help Janis Esau.


-    Sharon Blair-Chow puts forth a motion for a committee to research on the electric signage and to get quotations from various companies on the cost of installation of electric signage.  Fanny King seconded the motion.  All in favour.  Motion carried.  Fanny comments that the funds need to be paid out by the end of this school year, preferably by the end of May 2007.  


-   Randy Clark will check with school regarding involvement in taking down the old sign.  Providing the sign is dismantled and still usable, it may be moved near the tracks to advertise sports activities. 


B.   Parents Involvement – Janis Esau


-     Planning is ongoing for the next Craft Fair & Book Sale, Saturday, November 3, 2007.  Everyone is welcome to volunteer and help with specific tasks. 


-    Staff Appreciation Luncheon, Friday, February 16, 11:30 am to 12:45 pm.   (during lunch hour of the scheduled exams sessions).  Need parents to help set up, decorate and clean up.  Mary Anne Sully-Daniels has kindly volunteered to be responsible for all the food again this year. 


-    Welcome Committee for Grade 7 students on Wed. May 16, 12:35 pm to 3:00 pm.  Need parents to help prepare & serve food, hot dogs & drinks in the cafeteria.  Students from the Service Department will make cupcakes. 


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.  

Next PAC meeting will be Wednesday, February 28, 2007, at 7:15 pm in the staff room.