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October 2006 PAC minutes

Point Grey Sty Wet Tan Secondary School

PAC Meeting – October 18, 2006


Meeting begins at 7:20 pm in the staff room. 


Welcome parents by Barbara Corbin, PAC Chairperson.  Present: Principal Randy Clark

Executive members present: Barbara Corbin, Sharon Blair-Chow, Fanny King, Janis Esau, Davina Fu


1.  Minutes from May and June PAC meetings have not been received nor approved yet.


2.   Minutes from September PAC meeting:

      -     Motioned by Barbara Corbin, seconded by Sidney Hughes.  Approval Carried.


3.   Student Council representatives – Taylor McKay and Roberto Gonzales


-          Club Day :  1st  annual event this year, where some students set up over 50 club booths in small gym for students to sign up, with positive comments & support from administration.  

-          Oct. 25 Halloween Dance : 1st  dance of the school year, with door prizes from local stores and business community.  Those who bring cans to raise the school quota will pay less for dance tickets.

-          Theme of Pumpkin Week :  to bring out school spirit, events of pumpkin bowl, pumpkin toss, pumpkin carving and prizes.


      Q:   Is there re-sign up for clubs in January?

      A:   Clubs run and can be joined all year around.

      Q:   Any talk from a constable to students regarding danger of Halloween fireworks?

      A:   School staff will talk about fireworks and appropriate clothing for Halloween.

      Q:   How can the PAC support the Student Council?   Would you like anyone from PAC to  

             attend Student Council meetings?

      A:   Student Council meets twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch time. Welcome

             visitors and suggestions regarding successful past events for  Student Council  planning.

      Q:   Has the PAC grant from last year been used up?

      A:   Check with Ms. Ward.


(Teacher, Sue Inglis is unable to attend this PAC meeting tonight.)


4.   Point Grey Community Track Fundraising – Lilli Clark



-          Support needed to raise funds for a eight-lane rubberized track at Point Grey Secondary. 

-          The new rubberized track is the first and only facility in Vancouver.

-          Almost $55,000 has already been raised.   Goal is to raise total $120,000 for this project.

-          “Benefit to Build Fundraiser” Dinner, Silent Auction, Dance:  Fri, Oct. 27 at school gym.

-          Guest speakers: Nathan Vadeboncoeur, Valerie Jerome, John Furlong.

-          Ticket @ $80 per person, or $700 per table of 10 tickets.

-          Also welcome to contribute to “Brick Program” as described on the Donation Form.

-          News article on rubberized track printed in Oct.18. Courier Newspaper, page 17.

-          Tax receipts will be issued for each donation.   Check info on Donation Form

-          Let parents know about this fundraise event by word of mouth or by e-mails.



5.    Report from the Administration – Randy Clark, Principal


-          Congratulations & thanks to Fanny King and parents involved with the Chinese Parents Info Night, a successful evening that over 80 parents attended.

-          Schedule adjustment due to drop in overall VSB enrollment:  PGSS 9 blocks taken, 4 blocks were received back.  Net loss of 5 blocks.  Impact on 200 students and 15 teachers.   Goal is to have as few changes as possible

-          With 2 surplus teachers : 1 teacher with 3 blocks’ load had left, and 1 teacher came back

-          2 new portables arriving next week, replacing the old ones that were removed

-          Installation takes 2 weeks;   Classes for ESL and Math will be moved back into portables.

-          Terry Fox Run Sept 28:   All students attended;   Close to $4,000 raised.

-          UBC Info Night:   well attended by Grades 11 & 12 students and parents

-          Representatives from universities such as McMaster, Carlton, McGill, Ryerson,  Queens,

       Calgary, and those from B.C. will set up information sessions for Grade 12 students. 

-     Post-secondary information evening, Monday, Oct.23

-     Professional Day this Friday, Oct 20

-          Oct 25, 7 pm to 10 pm, Halloween Dance for Point Grey students only

-          Friday, Oct 27, 7 pm “Benefit to Build” Track Fundraiser Dinner & Silent Auction

-          Monday, Oct 30, 3:45 pm School Planning Council Meeting

-          Monday, Nov 6, Interim Reports will be issued, with no letter grade, only work habit marks, attendance and constructive comments from teachers.

-          Court Ruling regarding School Fees:   Ministry of Education and local school boards are in the process of examining the ruling and will decide how students will continue to be involved in activities at school.  School “fee” is for any items that are related to activities and/or resources required for the student to be successful in any course.   At this time, we continue to operate as we have in the past, until we receive a clear direction from VSB.

-          For the next PAC meeting, Jean Mickelson will be in attendance.


Question from Parent:    Will the format of future Parent Teacher Conference be changed to the gym in order for parents to save time in meeting with teachers from one classroom to the next? 

Mr. Clark responds:     Will bring up with teachers regarding parent’s concern on format, location and timing of meeting the teachers.


6.   Christmas / Holiday Craft Fair Report – Janis Esau


       -  Craft Fair and Book Sale on Saturday, Nov. 4, as major event for fundraising.

       -  All parents and students are welcome to sign up & help.

       -  Craft Fair is a PAC initiative and funds raised will go to the PAC.

       -  130 crafters @ $70 per table.   Admission at the door.  

       -  Book Sale, also a PAC initiative, to raise funds from sale of used books.

       -  Students with PE, Portfolio etc, service hours granted for those who volunteer.

 -  Students from Sports groups, music, Safe After Grad, etc.  in need of fundraising are    welcome to fundraise for their own groups.   Venue table available to them for free.

-   Great support from staff and administration.

-   Also welcome parents to join Craft Fair meetings with Janis.


        Book Sale – Sidney Hughes


-          Used books donations to be dropped off in front of the school office. 

-          Large quantities of books may be dropped off at the back of the cafeteria to be sorted.

-          Books are being sorted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Set up Fri Nov 3.

-          On Nov 4, welcome parents volunteers to sign up.  There will be 3 shifts, 8 people / shift.


7.  Gaming Funds / Grocery Certificate updates – Fanny King


-          Gaming Funds of $26,340 were received in September.

-          Grocery Certificates will raise approximately $ 3,000 to $ 3,500 in one year.


8.  Other Business

     From Sharon Blair-Chow

-          Re:  Question from Korean parent regarding Challenge Exams for Korean Course.

-          Delta Continuing Education course exams for Grades 11 & 12 has application deadline on Nov 10.  Students should contact counselors for application forms or download on line.

-          Chinese Parents Info Night a big success.  Any plans for Korean Parents Info Night?

-          Grad Parents Info Night, Tuesday Oct 24 @ 7:30 pm Staffroom


      From Barbara Corbin

-          Thanks Fanny King and Christine Chow for organizing the Chinese Parents Info Night.  Need someone to become the Mandarin translator for next school year.

-          Point Grey Health & Safety Committee welcome new members.  Will post information on PG Parents’ bulletin board on side hallway outside the staffroom door.  

-          Suggestion to post it on the www.pointgreyparents.com website as well.

-          Career Program with Carol McFarley   Re: Student Portfolio Forum on Wed, Nov 1, 7 pm at Magee Secondary School.  Those interested to attend, please sign up with Barbara.


      From Janis Esau

-          Additional Point Line & School Calendars are still available from the office @ $3 each.

-          Lawn signs are still available to be placed in the neighborhood.  Be aware to place them on private property only, between the house and side walk.  Signs are NOT to go on public property between side walk and curb or the “City” will remove each sign, charging $100 per sign.


     From Sharon Blair-Chow

-          PAC sponsors parent information nights with guest speakers on various topics.  PAC welcome parents’ suggestions, e-mail to Barbara regarding future topics to address their concerns and interests for future PAC meetings and special information evenings.

-          Offers short list of speaker choices and area of interest.  For example:  drug prevention, alcohol / substance abuse, parenting styles, etc.

-          Last year, one PAC meeting was held at the Musqueam Band Office.  One parent, Vivian Campbell, later taught a cedar bark weaving session at school, along with introducing the Musqueam history and cultural heritage.

Q:  Who decides on funding for guest speakers?

A:  PAC executive members and administration will discuss funding for speakers.  According to PAC Constitution, any expenditure over $500 will be brought to general PAC for approval.

Mr. Clark:  The administration’s role is to facilitate what the parents community would like to achieve at school.  Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Fanny King:  Budget of $1,000 is for guest speakers per school year.  For speakers with higher cost, other parents from other schools are invited to attend and share the cost.

      Q:   Does PGMSS have access to PAC funds?

A:   Gaming Funds allocate a portion to Mini School and to PGMSS, which also has its own fundraising, for example, the 50/50 draw at the Craft Fair.


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.    Next PAC meeting Thursday, Nov 23 @ 7:15 pm Staffroom