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Point Grey / Sty Wet Tan Secondary School

PAC Meeting – November 23, 2006


Barbara Corbin, PAC Chairperson calls meeting to begin, at 7:23 pm, in the staff room. 

Present: Principal Randy Clark     Executive members: Barbara Corbin, Sharon Blair-Chow,

Fanny King, Janis Esau, Sandy Wong, Davina Fu


1.  Approval of minutes from October 18, 2006:

-     Motioned by Barbara Corbin, seconded by Janis Esau.  Motion Carried.


2.  Student Council – Amarpal Cheema

-     In addition to the Clubs’ Day, Pumpkin Race, & Halloween Dance, Student Council with the Global Issues Forum, has also organized the Food Bank Drive as a school activity with more significance and meaning.  The goal is to raise 20,000 food items while challenging other schools to collect more items.

-     The Prep Rally will be at the beginning of the Senior Boys Basketball Game.

-     Student Council welcomes suggestions from students and parents.  One Thursday meeting will be open to students & parents.  Amarpal will e-mail Barbara regarding the open meeting.

-     400 students attended the Halloween Dance, only 25 short of a maximum of 425.


3.  Teacher Union Rep, Sue Inglis and Staff Liaison to PAC, Jean Mickelson

-     Sue Inglis and Jean Mickelson, Counselor Department Head, are working together to bring staff concerns and information to the PAC for discussion and to enhance the connection between parents and teachers.


-     Sue points out the shortage of SAA (student support assistant) staff for the LA Life Skills (special needs) classes with increased students per class.   

Parents are asked to review Bill 33, http://www.leg.bc.ca/38th2nd/3rd_read/gov33-3.htm and to write to the government and to Vancouver School Board. 


-     The School Planning Council (SPC) was legislated to replace accreditation in developing School Growth Plans.  SPC is to consist of 3 parents, 1 administrator, 1 student and 1 teacher.

Teachers have been directed by their union not to participate in the SPC this year.  Sue hopes that by continuing to attend PAC meetings, better communication of ideas will occur between parents and teachers to improve the school.  See http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/spc/

-    Parents can write letters to re-visit the need and mandate of the SPC.

-    There was a very lengthy discussion regarding the SPC covering a variety of aspects such as measurable outcomes.  Some positive School Growth Plan goals are not considered successful under the SPC guidelines because such goals may not be measurable.  For example, social integration and peer acceptance.


-     Jean suggests improved communications between more parents and more teachers.  By improving understanding regarding goals there will be more commitment to act upon them.

-     Parents and teachers have common ground in caring for the children, for the best interest of students to thrive in a nurturing environment, to have good and balanced courses offered at school.


-     Information for parents: “Parents Together” is a resource meeting for parents to develop skills to live well with adolescence.   November 28, 7:30 pm at Pacific Spirit Health Centre.   There are also Family Services seminars for pre-teens at Kitsilano Community Centre, see the Fall brochure.


-     Covenant House is requesting donations of good condition shoes and clothing towards youths age 16 – 24.  Donations of small items and toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, lotion, lipstick, perfume samples etc. will go into gift bags, decorated and distributed to street youths.   This donation campaign also raises awareness of school community towards meeting others’ needs.  Information to be printed in the next issue of students’ Newsletter.


-     Course Planning Night on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2007 for parents in each grade to connect with counselors, find out more information on electives, course planning, i.e. choosing necessary and balanced courses.  Information will be given about portfolio and graduation requirements as well as references for their children’s future career planning. 


4.    PAC action regarding staffing concerns.

-     Discussion continues regarding the SSA situation and after clarification from Mr. Randy Clark, Barbara Corbin put forth the idea that PAC should send a letter requesting fulfillment of our SSA allocation to Ken Denike of the VSB.  The draft letter is as follows:    “Our school is not receiving the level of resources offered and required to address our special education students’ needs.  Our Life Skills Program has been without one full time SSA since September and the issue has not been addressed.”

-     Janis Esau motioned the action.  Sharon Blair-Chow 2nd.  All in favour, motion passed. 

-     Barbara will refine the draft letter and e-mail the PAC executives for feedback.

-     The letter is to be on PG letter head, prepared by school secretary, with cc to Chris Kelly, Gary Little, Sue Inglis, Jean Michelson. 


5.  Report from the Administration – Randy Clark

-    Thanks parents for their efforts on the successful Book Sale & Christmas / Holiday Craft Fair on Nov. 4.  This was again a positive school event with teachers and students participating.  


-     Thanks to Math teacher Mr. B. Galle and Sharon for supporting AI students representatives in successfully presenting three Appreciative Inquiry Summit concept areas to teachers.

1.  Physical facilities   2.  Environmental/Social Structure/Leadership   3.  Learning Enhancement

-    Increasing communications between students and staff will hopefully drive school goals and growth plans to improve education.  There are already steps in place to address some of the concerns regarding physical aspects of the school.  Dialogue is underway for #2 and #3.


-     November 30, Thursday, Prep Rally.

-     December 1, End of Term 1.

-     December 13 & 14, Winter Concerts

-     December 15, Report cards issued (Voice mail will go out to inform parents)

-     Rebirth of school’s news-magazine.  Students would like to publish another issue before the Christmas break.   It is very positive for school spirit to have 8 new writers joined the group since the first issue printed. 


-     Parents should be aware of the following announcement:

      Provincial Examinations for subjects other than English for Grade 12 students are now optional for graduation (post-secondary requirements are different).

-     If any Grade 12 student who does not want to write Provincial Exams, except English 12, the final mark recorded will be the % mark given by the teachers on the final transcript.

-     For universities applications in B.C., the GPA must be a combined mark that reflects students’ marks in class AND the Provincial Exam mark.   Other post-secondary institutions have their own requirements and many require inclusion of the Provincial Examination marks.

-     As of June 2007, marks omitting Provincial Exams will not be accepted by universities. 




6.   Christmas / Holiday Craft Fair Report – Janis Esau

-     Welcome parents to get involved to organize future craft fairs.  Students received service hours, portfolio hours or PE hours from helping out.

-     Emphasizes that the Craft Fair & Book Sale is initiated by the PAC.

-     Other groups did their own fundraising through the craft fair.

-     Secret Garden Tea Garden, Stong’s & IGA contributed gift baskets to the event.

-     Over $16,000 was raised on Nov. 4.   The Book Sale raised $6,500.

-     Other:  PAC’s white tablecloths are available on loan for suitable school functions.


7.  Student Portfolio – Barbara Corbin

-     Attended Porfolio meeting on Wednesday, Nov 1, 7 pm at Magee High School.

-     Mr. Newburn from Sentinel High School and Marianne Neil from the ministry addressed the meeting.

-     The concept of Portfolio was initially good, but how it was implemented inconsistent and faulty.  Some schools have staff and vision for Portfolio, making it a success, while others did not.

-     Great regional diversity, eg.  some students able to find volunteer work while others have no opportunity to volunteer where they live. 

-     Still waiting to see whether ministry will continue with Portfolio or not.  Updates may be issued at end of January 2007.

-     Grade 12 students will receive “standing granted” or credits for Portfolio.


8.  BCCPAC Membership – Sharon Blair-Chow

-     Maureen Bayless asks the PAC to approve a BCCPAC membership, submit application with fee $65 and participate as full member of BCCPAC.

-     Debbie Desroches-Fulton, the former Van. District PAC Chair, is the secretary of BCCPAC.

Being a member means gaining more support and representation of Vancouver parents, voicing our opinion through the BCCPAC.

-     Sharon motions to the PAC to join BCCPAC.  Janis Esau seconded.  All in favour, motion passed.   Application form to Barbara for signature. Cheque from Fanny.


9.  Other Business

A.   For the January PAC agenda, Randy Clark mentions that there will be an update on school fees and VSB fee policy.    He will also address in the next staff meeting, the possibility of an arena style parent/teacher conference format. 

B.   Survey from the Dept. of Language and Literacy Education, UBC c/o Margaret Early. 

-     Survey is available for all PAC members to fill out and return to PAC box.

-     Information will be used by teachers

-     Research project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

C.   Camera available

-     Originally donated as door prize at the Safe After Grad in June 2006, but it was never claimed by any student. 

-     Randy Clark will arrange for suitable storage of this camera for student access.


10.  Elections for School Planning Council (SPC)

-     Will defer election to January PAC meeting.

-     Sharon Blair-Chow joined in May 2006, and will stay on until May 2007.


Meeting adjourned at 9:40 PM.  


Next PAC meeting will be Tuesday, January 23, 2007, at 7:15 pm in the staff room.