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Point Grey Secondary/ Sty Wet Tan PAC

PG Staff Room, 7:15 pm, March 23, 2006





To allow time for the minutes to be read by the people who attended the meeting at the Musqueam band office, the February PAC minutes will be brought to Aprilís meeting for approval.


Report from Student Council


Sharon Blair-Chow reported that Student Council will not be going ahead with the Grad Lounge this year, though it is still a priority.  PAC has invited Student Council to consider some other wish list expenditure for this year.  During the meeting Adrianne ­­­­­­­­­___, arrived to personally express the thanks of Student Council for PACís financial support.


Chairís Report

         PAC has received two thank you notes.  One from Rebecca Campbell for last yearís Sty Wet Tan award, and the other from Jean Michelson for the Staff Appreciation Lunch.

         Michael, Maureen and Catherine attended the preliminary VSB Budget Meeting and delivered a short presentation describing Pt. Grey and some of our budget related concerns.

         Considerable progress is already being made on the action items arising from the PAC meeting held at the Musqueum Band Office in February.

         Thank you to Fanny and Janis for getting the PAC stuff in the staff room organized and consolidated into one closet, freeing up the other for staff use. 


Principalís Report

         Thanks to the PAC for the Staff Appreciation Lunch and computer gift. 

         The consultation draft of the VSB budget has been released.  The budget currently has a $3 Million shortfall, but $6 Million is being held in reserve pending contract settlements. 

          The BCTF decision to have teachers withdraw from SPCís will take effect in the fall.  The current teacher reps on the Point Grey SPC will continue through to June and the completion of next yearís School Growth Plan.

         Point Grey students are participating in a wide variety of sports, academic and arts activities both in the school and beyond. 


Treasurerís Report

Fanny King, Treasurer, distributed the PAC balance sheet and budget to date.  (DID THIS HAPPEN?)  


Track Completion

Guest and former PG parent, David Robinson, came to the PAC meeting to explain the opportunity that has arisen to apply a rubberized surface to the track that surrounds the synthetic turf field.  Due to damage to the existing track during construction of the new field, the plan to simply keep using the existing track changed from the original development proposal.  In the past number of weeks the old track was removed and a bed laid for a new 8 lane track.  The track will be covered in asphalt in late March or early April, but before the line markings are applied, there is a small window of opportunity to cover the track with a rubberized surface.  The cost of the rubberized surface is $100,000.  David Robinson, Mike Alina and others are working hard to raise these funds.  David approached Catherine about the possibility of the PAC contributing the unspent Millennium Fund monies.  The issue was discussed by the Executive and it was agreed to recommend that PAC contribute to the project due to the significant benefit to the students, school and community to be gained from having a rubberized track at Pt. Grey (there is not another one in Vancouver). 

Moved by Fanny, seconded by Brook that PAC contribute $5,000 toward the rubberized surface cost using the money remaining in the Millennium Fund supplemented by general PAC funds.  Carried.



Update on the Cedar Weaving Workshop

Brook outlined some of the details of the Cedar Bark Weaving Workshop coming up on Monday, March 27th.   


Special Report on the Student Stress Survey

Michael and Maureen prepared a written report on last yearís student stress survey and focus groups that Michael distributed and discussed.  Michael noted that there were 457 responses to the survey and that the respondents represented a wide-cross section of the student population.  The focus groups were smaller, approximately 40 students in total, but also randomly selected.   There was considerable discussion about the patterns of stress showing up in the different grades covered by the survey and about the comments made by students.


Catherine suggested that journalists might find this a newsworthy item and that newspaper coverage (without naming PG in the press release) could lead to more widespread discussion about stress between parents and their children and among teachers and administrators in other schools.  The meeting agreed that this was worthwhile.  Catherine will pursue this item. 


Nominations Committee

Catherine reported that nominations are in place for about half of the executive positions.  The biggest gap is the chair/co-chair position.  All PAC members are invited to suggest names for next yearís vacancies.  The election will take place at the AGM in May.


Grad Update

Bev noted that the school will decide by March 31st where and when the Grad Ceremony will be held.  Catherine reported that plans where in place for the Dinner Dance and Safe After Grad.  The next Grad meeting is on Wednesday, March 29th at 7:30 pm in the Staff Room.


The meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm.


Submitted by Catherine Evans