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2006 April minutes

Point Grey Secondary/ Sty Wet Tan PAC

Minutes for April 25, 2006



1)      Welcome – Introductions 

2)      Approval of the Minutes:

a.      January – Sharon Blair-Chow 1st to Favour, Christine Dearing – Approved, Carried.

b.      February – Sharon 1st in Favour, Christine Approved, Carried.

c.      March minutes – Barbara Corbin 1st in Favour, Sharon 2nd, Approved.

3)      Report from Student Council; Rachel Snarch and Megan Walsh

a.      Student Council thanks us for fund raising for them. It has made a definite improvement to student council and the Grads.

b.      Council bought headsets for the “Battle of the Bands”, and the equipment assisted them with their function.

c.      MultiCultural group wants funding for foreign entertainment – Council has agreed to donate $300.00, and lend them $400.00. The $400.00 will be paid back through money raised by coat check and other activities at the event.

d.      Grad Lounge – location has not been determined – Council has not spent all of the funds and wishes to keep portion of money for next year’s Lounge. Maureen and Sharon agreed with the carry-over of funds to next year. Treasurer also agreed.

e.      Council needs to put together some numbers regarding the goal nets.  The P.E. Department extends their thanks and appreciation for the funds.  The order is in, and we should have the goal nets shortly.

f.        Spring Carnival Event; All grades are welcome. Student Council would like to include the Community of Kerrisdale. However, there are a lot of issues with the event that need to be discussed before it goes forward.

g)     Dance – May 10th – Tickets $6.00 for Grads, $7.00 for others.  1st 100 bought are selling for $500.00. Bring a can and get $1.00 off.

h)     School Spirit – “Saved by the Bell Day”.

i)        Collaborative Planning day is going to be P.J. Day.


4)      Report from the Administration: Bev Seed – Welcomed everyone. Gave an update on the progress and funding of the rubberized track. Informed parents that staff are creating a new policy for cellphones and iPods. 


5)      Sue Inglis, Staff Representative:

a.      Sharon Blair-Chow is teaching Tai-Chi to teachers.


b.      BCTF - no longer supports SPC School Planning Council; in the Fall things will change – a new Representative for Parents will be elected, to attend PAC meetings, but none will sit on the SPC. Teachers will not participate in Student Growth Plan.


-          Question raised by Janice; “Teachers are a vital part of the planning process and should be involved.

Sue addressed this issue by outlining teachers’ concerns about the SPCs. Some of the concerns are;


-          no training

-          no performance measures

-          wasted resources & time

-          Decision making process pushed off by School Board and onto Schools

-          Training needs to be clarified

-          Parents’ responsibility needs to be clarified


      6) Report from the School Planning Council: Barbara Corbin:

-          Barbara explained that the SPC meet once a month, reviews data, and creates the school’s growth plan.

-          Barbara described the main goals of the growth plan. She commented that the school now gathers data about aboriginal achievement.

-          The SPC considers the information gathered through the Student Stress Survey to be very important and are looking for ways to make use of this information.  Bev Seed added that there will be a staff meeting to discuss school wide strategies for coping, including holding an ‘exam week’ and getting rid of the Principal’s list.

-          Growth Plan – signed off in June – must be seen by PAC.

-          Maureen noted that there will be a vacancy for the SPC at the end of this school year, and she called for parents to volunteer for this.


7) Sharon Blair-Chow – Appreciative Inquiry Report. Sharon gave an update on the progress of the Appreciative Inquiry and reported on the Summit Workshop: “Creating Healthy Communities for Life Long Learners”. 

-Sue Inglis found the experience very productive.

 -Janice Esau noted that kids listened to Teachers, Staff, Parents, Vice Versa – everything was positive.


8) Brook Macy: Cedar Weaving Workshop Report. 60 people attended the Cedar Weaving Workshop, led by Vivian Campbell. It was a great event. She thanked Vivian and everyone who attended. A parent asked what “Sty Wet Tan” means, and Bev responded that it means Spirit of the West Wind.




Minutes were taken by Catherine Martin, Secretary